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How do I report errors?

Solution Q: I have an error. How do report it?

A: Please provide us with detailed information of the problem.

Open a ticket here under "Game Support" an provide a detailed reports.
By detailed report, we mean:

1. When it happened
2. Where it happened (In a game room, in game, in lobby..)
3. What you did before it happened (Shooting, joining a room..)
4. Screenshots of the problem
5. Location you're connecting from and your connection method (Dial-up, DSL, Cable..)
6. Internet browser you're using.
7. Any other necessary information that you want to provide us.
Also if possible, it is a good idea to attach the following filesin your Operation 7 folder. (Default is c:/fiaagame/operation7)It provides us with even more details.

1. _process_device_.txt
2. exception.log, exception.dmp
3. smartupdate.log (If your issue pertains to updates/game start)
4. local_flst.txt
5. Under Network_LOG folder, you will see dated log files.Please attach the one that has the date of the problem's occurence.(ex: If I encountered a problem today, 05/01/09. I'd attach 20090501.log)

Thank you for your support.
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