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Operation7 Launcher Workaround


Operation 7 Launcher Workaround

If you have issues to start Operation 7 with Operation 7 Launcher please try this workaround before you report your issue to Customer Support.
General Workaround (XP/Vista/Win7):

- Uninstall you currently Operation 7 Game Client
- Download the newest Client from Operation 7 Website
- Make sure there are no rests of the previous installation left (in case delete by hand!)
- Clean up your System with a CleanUp Tool, like CCleaner (Freeware)
- Install downloaded Client
- Make sure you use the default path, do not change to other Devices or Folders!
- After installation, move to installation directory, right click on OP7Launcher and select Send to: Desktop
- Close directory, move to your Desktop – you know see an Operation 7 Icon
- Double Click to start Operation 7 Launcher, login and start the Game
- Have fun playing Operation 7

Additional : Make sure the Launcher and the Game Client are NOT blocked by your Firewall!
Windows Vista/Windows 7 Issues:

If the Game Launcher not working for you under Vista/Win 7 please try these :

- Start the Launcher as Administrator (Right Click -> Run as Administrator)
- On some System you need to choose the Compatibility Mode (Set to Windows XP SP3)
- Check Windows Firewall, if the Client and/or the Launcher is blocked (In some case the Windows Firewall
blocks the Client and/or Launcher for no reason)

PC-System related Issues :

- Make sure your Windows installation is up to date
- Install newest Drivers for your Motherboard, Gfx-Card, Soundcard, Network card
- Install Direct X9.x Distribution, even on Windows Vista/Win 7! (You can get this from

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